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What to bring to Coach Sully's Camp!

Updated: May 13


  • Wear athletic clothing - shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, etc. It will be hot.

  • Clothes might get wet.  Pack extra if you think your child will be uncomfortable wearing wet clothes for a period of time.

  • Sneakers and/or Turf Shoes. (MUST BRING SNEAKERS or BOTH) Players will need sneakers for indoor activities. They can switch to turf shoes outside, if they prefer. Wearing sneakers outside is fine. They don't need turf shoes.

Not baseball or lacrosse plastic cleats.  Cleats will slip on the turf.

Again, must have sneakers for the gym, indoor activities

  • Shin guards (see button below if you are new to field hockey, and need shin guards)

  • Mouth guard (kids can not play field hockey games without them)

  • Water Bottle!!!!!  Multiple Water bottles - one with water, one with ice -  recommended.

  • Snack (recommend packing snacks and lunches in a cooler)

  • Lunch (recommend packing snacks and lunches in a cooler)

  • Sunscreen.  Please apply sunscreen to your child prior to camp, and we will ask the kids to apply more at lunch.  If your child needs help applying sunscreen, just let us know.

  • Towel and change of clothes, if desired.

If you are unsure what some of these items are or need to buy items because you are new to field hockey. See our blog about new field hockey equipment.

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