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New to field hockey and you are entering or already in high school?

Updated: Feb 13

For many people, field hockey is a sport that they start later in life. Many players don't pick up their first stick until high school, when they decide to give their high school team a try. So, if that's you, what do you need to get for that first day of field hockey?

I wrote an article for those new to field hockey at the younger age, but as a teenager who will play against teams more experienced, more physical, and let's be honest, more dangerous, your equipment needs are a little different.

If you're looking for an online field hockey resource, is a common site, but my biggest recommendation would be Pain and Gain is a store run by a knowledgable staff who will help you as a beginner or advanced player. It's the first place I turn for equipment for my high school team. Don't be afraid to email or call and talk to the owner. He is a big help. Every item listed below has an amazon link, but you can find all of these same items at as well, and for comparable prices.

  1. A stick. That's obvious. You'll definitely need a stick. Because you don't have a lot of experience yet, you won't want to spend a ton of money or a get a fancy stick with a bow (the curve at the bottom of the stick) intended to help you with aerial, 3d or fancy skills. You're not there yet, and getting a stick that is too advanced for you will not help you. So, let's stick to the basic sticks just like the younger players, focusing on price, length, and in your case a little bit more carbon might be good to keep the stick light and little more durable. If this is your first stick and you are buying it to play outside on the field with your high school team, make sure the stick says "Outdoor." Don't accidentally buy an "Indoor" stick.

2. Shin guards. This is a big difference from the young new players. You need hard shin guards. You need shin guards that will protect you from hard hit balls. See my blog on shin guards.

2b. Hox Socks. When you buy the hard shin guards, you will need to wear thin socks underneath to prevent rashes. Again, see my blog on shin guards.

3. Mouth guards. You can use the same link as the "New to field hockey" but....get more than one. You will be thrown out of a game (and likely practice) if you don't have a mouth guard, and if you're in high school, you're old enough to be responsible for this. Buy two or three mouth guards and always have a back up ready.

4. Water bottle.

5. Optional items: Gloves. I provide a link here for a glove with 3/4 length so the tips of their fingers are still exposed. Some like a fully covered glove. The choice is up to the player. The glove helps protect your left hand and fingers when doing a block tackle. Some can't imagine playing without it. Some can't imagine playing with it. It's a personal choice.

6. Optional Items: Masks. If your player is on a defensive corner (What's a defensive corner? OK. I'll work on another blog for that.) they should wear a mask for protection. This is a controversial subject in the field hockey world. Some coaches believe that wearing the mask restricts the player's vision and thereby puts them in an even more dangerous situation. Some, like me, believe if a goalie is covered top to bottom to protect them against a shot on goal, and you are involved in a play where they are shooting at you, wear all the protection that you can. I have seen teeth knocked out. Cheekbones shattered, and more than enough bloody faces. Wear a mask. That's my opinion. I stand by it.

So, where to buy masks. There are different kinds.

These are the most common masks you will see.

Grey's "clear" mask - most popular

Vlack mask - recommended


These really aren't "clear". They get scuffed and then very hard to see through. My high school players do NOT like them, and complained about not being able to see anything that isn't right in front of your eyes, the place a ball rarely is.

This the mask preferred by my high schoolers. They say they can see down and see the ball on the ground better with these

These masks are what collegiate players wear. They are not allowed for high school players. I only include them to show you that at a higher level protection is needed. Why this level of protection is not required in high school and in this case restricted I do not understand.

There are many mask options on Amazon. They are as good as the first Greys option above. A mask is a personal preference, so just because I recommend one doesn't mean it's best for you.

Amazon mask options:

7. Secret items all experienced players have:

A) Pre-wrap. I think this fad is coming to an end, but some girls still prefer to have prewrap on their head, like a headband, to keep their hair out of their face.

Hey, you do you.

B) Hair twisties. As a coach this is the second most requested item. "Coach, do

you have a hair twistie? Do you have something to pull back my hair?" Buy a bunch. Shove 'em in your bag. You'll thank me later.

C) Electric Tape. Yep, that's what I said. Electric tape is the tape you need for the very top inch of your field hockey stick. This strip of tape comes off all the time, and the girls ask me for some constantly.

D) And, the number one thing my girls are always looking for?


I'll leave that up to you parents to disperse, as you see necessary.

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